Death at the Lighthouse, A Grand Island Riddle

Death at the Lighthouse, A Grand Island Riddle
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The mysterious and brutal murder of one lighthouse keeper and the disappearance and possible murder of another keeper from Michigan’s Grand Island Old North Lighthouse in Michigan in 1908 are investigated in this amazing nonfiction book that investigates this Cold Case Mystery.

Author Loren Graham spent thirty years investigating this cold case to examine what happed on that day in June of 1908 to the lighthouse keepers who were stationed at “one of the least known areas of the United States.”

Graham’s thirty-year investigation is recounted with a systematic investigation and interviews with people associated with Grand Island, the town of Munising and AuTrain, and old time loggers, hunters, miners and Native Americans, who had first-hand memories , which leads to a complex and complicated story that eventually embraces the entire history of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Obviously this book will be of interest to lighthouse aficionados, but also for anyone interested in history, or just those who are hooked on real-life mysteries.

This embossed hard cover, with dust jacket, includes a number of historic photos within its 168 pages

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