U.S. Lighthouse Service Plaque

U.S. Lighthouse Service Plaque
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Designed after the actual badge of the United States Lighthouse Service, this handcrafted cast iron plaque is ideal for any lighthouse or maritime themed home or business. Designed to look antique, it can be easily affixed to any door or wall. Lighthouse groups or museums may want these to affix this vintage looking plaque to the lighthouse tower door or to the entry door of a museum. It would also look great on exhibit display, book shelf, or with your lighthouse collectibles. The badge, that this was designed from, was discontinued in 1939 when the U.S. Lighthouse Service was dissolved and its duties were taken over by the United States Coast Guard. This is a unique collectible that will be cherished for many years and will also make a great gift for any lighthouse enthusiast. Approximately 8 ½” high by 6” wide.

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