Storms & Sand, the Big Sable Point Coast Guard Station

Storms & Sand, the Big Sable Point Coast Guard Station
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By Stephen Truman, Grace Truman, Joel Truman

Great Lakes maritime history encompasses epic stories of heroic rescues, tragic losses, and changing times. “Storms and Sand” is a glimpse into the world of the brave men of the Big Sable Point, Michigan, U.S. Life-Saving Service/ U.S. Coast Guard Station. The station was located on land that is now part of Ludington State Park. The book tells the history of the station; including the sacrifices by the life-savers and Coast Guardsmen, and their struggles to rescue Lake Michigan shipwreck victims. “Storms and Sand” also chronicles lesser-known events in the lives of the men, their families, and the Big Sable Point lighthouse keepers. Hardcover, 208 pages, with 69 photos and illustrations.

Hard cover, 208 pages.

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