Our Island Lighthouse

Our Island Lighthouse
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A true story by Bernice Richmond about her life at Maine’s Winter Harbor Lighthouse in the 1940s. She wrote, “It is hard for people living on the mainland to understand the contentment found on an island... I couldn’t put into words... how terribly important it was to sleep on the island with sea sounds encircling me. I couldn’t explain how I looked forward each morning to that first rush of salty air through my kitchen door, to the early tour I take over the vein-like paths to the gardens...” When she wrote those words, Richmond and her husband, sociologist Reginald Robinson, were living at Winter Harbor Lighthouse on little Mark Island, west of Maine’s Schoodic Peninsula. This book is a fascinating story that should be read by every lighthouse enthusiast and anyone with an interest in Maine. It is a must have book for any lighthouse collection. Hard cover, no dust jacket, First Edition, published in 1947. In good condition. Sold as-is.
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