Offshore Outposts (Michigan) - DVD

Offshore Outposts (Michigan) - DVD
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DVD video featuring Huron Island, Stannard Rock, DeTour Reef, St Helena, and Specticle Reef Lights - all located in Michigan.

Lighthouses illuminate safe passages for ship traffic, but many of these beacons had to be built on far away reefs and islands. With a focus on five offshore lights, Ric shares the story of Dick Campbell, the son of a lighthouse keeper who lived on Grassy Island (Detroit), Mackinaw Point, and Huron Island. Located several miles off L’Anse, Huron Island was the playground for Campbell and today is protected as a bird sanctuary. Located 50 miles north of Marquette, Stannard Rock is the most remote lighthouse in the lakes. In 1961, Roy Daniels was severely injured when a mysterious explosion killed the lighthouse keeper. Offshore Outposts unveils the reason for the tragic accident with an exclusive interview with Daniels and video of how the light looks today.

Outposts also shares with viewers the extreme difficulty in restoring these obsolete lighthouses, featuring the million-dollar renovation at DeTour. This light contains a tower much like that at Whitefish Point, now housed in an art-deco façade located at the mouth of the St Mary’s River. The work of dozens of Boy Scouts is also highlighted, repairing the St Helena lighthouse near the Mackinac Bridge. Ric also will feature a new lease on life for the lights, now used as high-tech scientific monitoring posts by researchers from Canada and the United States. Spectacle Reef, known as one of the most remote lighthouses on Lake Huron, is featured as one of these 100 year old laboratories. The stories of nine different shipwrecks are also featured, playing into the dangerous reefs and fog that were marked by these century year old sentinels. 60 minutes with special features.

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