Mirror for Chance

Mirror for Chance
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Promotional hard cover book published by Chance Brothers, year unknown, 74 pages. From 1851, Chance Brothers became a major lighthouse engineering company, producing optical components, machinery, and other equipment for lighthouses around the world. James Timmins Chance pioneered placing lighthouse lamps inside a cage surrounded by Fresnel lenses to increase the available light output; the cages, known as optics, revolutionized lighthouse design. Another important innovation from Chance Brothers was the introduction of rotating optics, allowing adjacent lighthouses to be distinguished from each other by the number of times per revolution that the light flashes. However, this book does not go into much detail about their lighthouse work but instead concentrates on other aspects of the company wide range of glass products and innovations. This copy is in rough condition and saw a lot of use. However, it is an extremely rare book and hard to find. Sold as-is.
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