Mermaid Braided Round Rug

Mermaid Braided Round Rug
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Our Mermaid Braided Rug featured a wondrous beauty from beneath the sea. You may ask, “Do mermaids really exist?” The answer is yes, that is if you believe Theodore “Theed” Judson, who was the lighthouse keeper at Stratford Point Lighthouse on Long Island Sound. Judson claimed that he had seen as many as 12 to 15 mermaids frolicking in the waves off the point. In fact, he said that he had once almost caught one of them, and he did manage to salvage her oyster shell hairbrush. “They’re a grand sight,” he said of the mermaids. Until his dying day the lighthouse keeper never recanted his story.

Could the artist who designed this braided rug have done so from a photograph that he captured of a mermaid in the waters near the lighthouse? We’ll never know for sure, but this beautiful 27" diameter rug is sure to be a wonderful addition to the décor of any home or office. It could even create some unique conversation.

The Mermaid Braided Rug is made of 99% jute and is mildew retardant.

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