Maine 1938 SOCONY Road Map

Maine 1938 SOCONY Road Map
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Here’s a neat slice of history - a 1938 Road Map of Maine that was given out free at SOCONY Service Stations. The reverse side of this 1938 Maine Road Map by SOCONY gas stations says, “While your tank is being filled, thoughtful attendants will check many of the important “little things” that might cause you trouble if they went unnoticed. Radiator filled? Windshield clean? Tire pressure OK? Is the oil level correct? Has you battery been checked? SOCONY stood for Standard Oil of New York. SOCONY, later became known as Mobilgas, then just Mobil, and now it is Exxon/Mobil. The map is in very good condition and would make a great collectible or look neat framed. As an antique item it is being sold as-is with no return.

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