How to Catch a Lobster in Down East Maine

How to Catch a Lobster in Down East Maine
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What is it like to live in Down East Maine and work in the lobster industry? The extreme weather of the Maine coast, unreliable fishing seasons and an ever-present element of danger are just a few of the challenges encountered by lobster fishermen. They must adapt to constant change and balance exploiting the natural resource for personal profit with a duty to conserve lobster stocks for future generations. Despite the challenges, most would not trade the benefits of their job--from independence to unique pastimes like lobster boat races. From a family of four generations of lobster fishermen, Christina Lemieux Oragano provides a glimpse inside these lobstering communities and celebrates it for those lucky enough to live it--the trials, triumphs and even a few favorite lobster recipes from Down East.
Christina, who worked on her father's lobster boat as early as 10 years old, grew up in Cutler Maine, the great granddaughter of Willie Corbett, last lighthouse keeper at Little River Lighthouse for the US Lighthouse Service. Lobster fishing has been in her family for 4 generations.
Soft cover, 160 pages.
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